Village talent hunt Exam, Finding Wonderful Dreams of Bharat .{part-1}


Like all great adventure, this story starts with a story,

In January 2016, i was 16 years old and I was teaching a class of around 40 students for free this group of a student came from all strata of rural society, we have a kid from first-class to 10th class and daily 4 to 5pm a magical journey took place in my neighborhood home where I run the class, i used to watch my student and see their curiosity, i use to think of their future and each time my future visibility stopes, when i think my student was going to become labor, and girls will be married at an early age, and a few will make to some respected profession like carpentry or electrician.

During that time i was in 11th standard and in our school an exam is conducted by a newspaper called sanskarshala this exam fascinates me because for the first time i don’t have to write an answer which i learn in class, So i went home and when i started my class that day i ask students about such exam, and they all cheer because for this exam they don’t have to study and learn stuff, but the real problem was in march i have my own annual exam,  so i decided after my exam i will conduct this exam on 27th March.

But i cannot do it all alone i needed some help because it was a huge task, so i went to my classmates in the neighboring village and told them about this idea, and they all agree to work with me to make this happen, so i started collecting questions according to class, for e.g: like what is your dream ? what you will change if you will be the prime minister of India, or principal of your school, etc

We develop question paper according to class for VTHE (short of village talent hunt exam) and our annual exam ended on 20th march! we just fired our marketing campaign, we were charging 19 rupees fee to give VTHE, it was not easy to get students to pay, we started putting posters on walls about VTHE and we decided that winners will get 1000 rupees, we went to various coachings, and schools on a bicycle to announce about  VTHE .

we went door to door asking candidates to join the exam, and yes we got great compliments, abuse, and water. but in the end, we got 152 candidates registered and paid 19 rupees to give village talent hunt exam and fixed the venue primary school (ground) of our village, for the exam. our sitting arrangement was mat’s, so we rented them from a local store and got them on our bicycle, also we ask some elders of our cricket team to monitor the exam and some girls for our girl’s candidate.

The next morning was the historic movement of my life, i wake up as early as i can and went to the venue for clearing it, and with my teammates, we successfully conducted an exam on 27 march 2016.

more in next  Part …


By Praveen1999mishra

I love society and its stories and try to find solution

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